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Practical and technical essentials

Our interesting sessions cover practical and technical essentials to help facilitate a more positive divorce experience.

Session 1: Navigating your emotional divorce experience

  • The importance of paying attention to our emotions during divorce
  • The impact of divorce on adults and children
  • The interpersonal dynamics of divorce
  • How to feel better during the divorce process
  • High conflict divorce and parenting

Dr. Jon Amundson

Amundson & Associates

Session 2: The divorce process: options, concepts, and key terms

  • The stages and steps of the divorce process
  • Where to start and how it ends
  • Your resolution options explained
  • Key concepts and terms you should know
  • Common errors to avoid

Lily Rabinovitch

Family Lawyer + Mediator
Balbi & Company Legal Centre

Session 3: Legal divorce issues and principles explained

  • Parenting
  • Child support
  • Spousal + partner support
  • Family property
  • Family violence protection
  • Wills + estates

Lonny Balbi, Q.C.

Family Lawyer, Mediator, + Arbitrator
Balbi & Company Legal Centre

Session 4: Top 10 divorce lessons from an Alberta Court Judge (retired)

Justice B.L Rawlins

Retired Alberta Court Judge
Dispute Resolution Associates

Session 5: The resolution mindset: mitigate divorce conflict and create a smoother path to resolution

  • Tips and strategies to mitigate conflict
  • How to move your matter forward and efficiently reach a resolution
  • Common mistakes that make divorce worse
  • Protect your children from conflict
  • Guidance with starting your divorce plan

Lily Rabinovitch

Family Lawyer + Mediator
Balbi & Company Legal Centre

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