Frequently asked questions

Getting quality information and the answers to your frequently asked questions helps to reduce the stress and uncertainty of your divorce.

1. Is this event also for unmarried Albertans?

Absolutely. The information provided at the webinar is relevant to married and unmarried Albertans.

2. Do I have to live in Alberta to attend the seminar?

No, but some of the information may not be accurate for non-Albertans. The webinar was designed by Alberta professionals for Albertans, based on Alberta law and available resolution processes in our province. Canadians from other provinces may find much of the information useful, but we cannot guarantee the applicability of all legal principles or availability of resolution processes discussed.

3. How do I attend the seminar?

For the safety and privacy of our guests, the webinar is being streamed live to your device. You can attend the event from wherever you are, as long as you have access to a computer or electronic device and the internet. Our presenters are presenting live from a studio directly to your screen.

4. How much does the event cost?

This year has been especially challenging for many families and we want to make our event accessible for those who need it. The 2020 cost to attend Divorce 101 has been reduced from $799 to $399 + GST per person.

5. Can my spouse and I attend together?

Yes. It may be beneficial for you and your spouse to both receive the same information at the same time. If you and your spouse are not getting along at the moment, you may want to attend the event from separate locations or rooms.

6. May I ask questions at the event?

Yes, we want to answer all your divorce information questions. We will provide an email address for you to send your questions during the event and our speakers will answer them at the end of their session.

7. Is my attendance at the event private?

Yes, any information you provide us, including your name, is kept private and confidential.

8. Am I hiring a lawyer by attending this event?

No. This is an educational webinar. Some of the speakers are lawyers, but you are not hiring them as part of this event. Their role at the webinar is as a presenter, not a lawyer.

9. Can you help me with my specific legal issues and divorce circumstances?

We love to help. Divorce 101 is general divorce information. This means that we will cover information that may be relevant to you, but we do not provide legal advice specific to your situation.

10. What is the difference between legal information and legal advice?

Legal information is about the law and the legal system generally. It does not apply to your specific case or include recommendations from a lawyer. Legal information does not have to be provided by a lawyer.

Legal advice is provided by a lawyer only. The lawyer, after hearing about your specific circumstances, issues and goals, applies the law to your case and gives you recommendations about what you should do to achieve your goals or address your concerns.

Divorce 101 is legal information, not legal advice.

11. How do I get legal advice?

You should consult a lawyer for legal advice. Balbi & Company offers a legal advice assessment, where a lawyer listens to your story and gives you the upfront legal advice you need.

12. Who is organizing the event?

Divorce101 is brought to you by the dedicated team at Balbi & Company Legal Centre.

Getting quality information and the answers to your frequently asked questions helps to reduce the stress and uncertainty of your divorce.